Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Turbofire day 2: feeling good

Today marks two days into the 20 week turbofire challenge!  I just finished up the second workout of the week. Turbo Fire 30 class.  It is probably one of the easier classes in the system that I have done.  It's definitely the shortest...I think. Man I felt everything though. My heart is racing!  In a good way though.  My lung are on fire and all.  It is such a nice feeling to exercise. It is an acquired feeling though.  You don't like it all the time, I think you learn to love it though.  I have no clue how to use my heart rate monitor though...oh well.  I can't tell how many calories I have burnt but I can see my heart rate and the recovery score. Which I'll just be honest...it's a 6. I'm not sure the scale they use but I know it tells me that I am at a "poor" score right now. It's ok, I'll improve! 

It has been 7 full days since I last had a soda.  I feel so much better. I haven't really craved one either.  I have been drinking at least 70 oz of water a day and I'll have a glass of milk or tea as well.  Overall I think I am doing much better on that front. 

I am a work in progress.  I am so glad that some of you are along to see my journey.  I have done this before, but it wasn't the right way. It was a quick fix to a long term problem.  This time I am doing it right. This is going to be my new life.  I can't wait to show you everything that I am going to accomplish. 

This weekend I am climbing my mountain again. tomorrow is a rest day I believe, so I am just going to go for a walk.  That seems easy enough.  If you have any questions on how I am doing this please comment, shoot me an email, message me on facebook...I'm around.


Lets do this together


Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Journey of a lifetime starts with one small step

Beginning on Monday, I am joining my very first challenge group.  I am pretty excited about it.  Looking at myself in the mirror is soon going to be something I am not afraid of! That thought alone is simply enough to help me get by.  Just the knowledge that I am going to be doing something, and I'm not going to be doing it alone makes me extremely happy.

In other news, I have not had a soda all year!  Now I know that we are only four days in...but hey small steps climb mountains.  I am feeling so optimistic about this year and I hope it is contagious. 
To begin my journey I am going to be doing the BeachBody program: TurboFire.  It is a kick ass workout that gets you so energized.  I have an entire 20 week schedule that I intend to finish all the way through!  As for a meal plan, I just really intend to cut out a lot of the crap.  I figure the only way this lifestyle change is going to stick is if I keep it as real as possible.  The goal is to get and remain as healthy as I can. Therefore I am not going to lie to myself and say I am going to eat correctly all the time.  My goal is 80/20. 

Have you ever really stopped to think about death?  Lately I have, whether it be by something I have seen on tv or read in a book, I can't get it out of my mind.  The thought of me doing something that could result in my untimely death is sickening.  That is  why this is so important to me.  That is why my fitness and health is going to be one of my top priorities this year. Now I am aware that every single year every person in America makes the resolution of losing weight or getting healthy.  If you don't believe that I will stick with it then I invite you to stick around.  I intend to lose 50 lbs this year, maybe more.  If I don't then I will gift three lucky people a months supply of Shakeology.  The only thing to qualify is you must follow me on social media.  You can start with this  blog.
Instagram: www.instagram.com/effin_fab_fitness
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thechroniclesofjennifer
twitter: www.twitter.com/effin_fabulous

So follow me along on my journey, if I fail it could be your gain.  Tell your friends.  Get them to follow me as well.  Hold me accountable. The more people that follow along the more I will raise the stakes.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 part deaux

Happy 2014!  It is the first day of the new year.  As you saw with my last entry, so much has happened.  There really aren't many words left to explain the year...so I have included some pictures that will help me along the way. They are not in chronological order

To end a year of much effort at work, we have a fun little party for the BEST Champions...as you can see...we played lots of fun games.  Just so you know, I did get it in my mouth.

After the party we went to lunch.  This girl has quickly became one of my really good friends.  She is one of the people who saved me from myself.  I owe her a lot. 

This year I turned 25! Hooray for cheaper car insurance!!! These are my party peeps :)

This is at Haydens 4th birthday party. 

(Above) My Aunt Dianne. (Below) my Neighbor Emma. We lost these two wonderful women in 2013, Less than 3 months apart no less.  Their absence has been felt far wide. Not a day goes by that I don't think of one of them. Treasure people in your life...life is far to short to take for granted.  Tell people you love them, show them you care...remember them always.

This year was a very trying year in friendships for me.  There comes a point where you cut ties with those you never thought you would.  Now this isn't a "pity me" comment or anything, I am just telling you how it is.  You grow apart from people. Things happen and even the best of friends become strangers. it is a way of life.  No one is immune.  Do I hold any ill feelings? Not anymore. I am the type who loves unconditionally.  I wish those who aren't in my life anymore the best.  I hope they have great things in store for themselves.  Life goes on.

Little Rock had it's first ever Gay Pride Parade!!!  This is a picture of me and my sister while attending!  I credit her for my open mind.  If it wasn't for her I think this family would have caved to the southern republican ways.  She didn't know she created a crazy liberal monster...well...she knows now :)

I have worked with amazing people over this year.  I can't post pictures of them all but I have amazing co-workers.  They have really helped me find myself this year. I became a stronger woman because of their influence. 

This year, I not only moved mountains, I climbed them. Like I said, 2013 held a lot of personal growth for me. It was about being comfortable in my skin, loving myself, finding myself. It isn't the tallest mountain but you feel amazing at the top.  There is something so magical about the sweat, possible blood, and the aching muscles that you have when you reach the top.  That is MY mountain, I will become even better acquainted with it this year.  So be prepared...I am going to take a picture at the top ever single month.

I found I had a hobby that I never knew I possessed.  I love painting.  Turns out, I'm somewhat decent at it as well.  I never thought I could.  You put yourself into a box of what you can and can't do, and it limits your knowledge of yourself.  I always thought I was the "unartistic" friend.  I had no niche.  My other friends were the painters, photographers, marathon runners...but I had nothing.  This past year, I found out that we can share hats. You never know what you are capable of until you try.  You also never know what you will like until you attempt it. Well..the marathon runners still can have their hat for now.  But In 2015 I'm coming after it!

In conclusion 2013 was the most difficult, most painful, but surprisingly most rewarding year I have had so far.  I have had so many personal triumphs that cannot be overlooked.  I have broken down the walls of my usual comfort zone.  I discovered the woman that was blocked by toxic people.  I am pretty darn snazzy if I do say so myself.
I know this blog was even less put together than previous ones...but so was this year.  Life doesn't go in the order you originally plan for it.  It doesn't always make sense. You just have to go with the flow.  Write it down when you can, take pictures every chance you get, and don't forget to smile.
I love you all. I hope you stick around to see what happens with life in 2014.