Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Since I have promised honesty on my weight loss blog here are my stats today.

I went to the doctor to see about the weight loss drug Adapex aka phentermine.  He did perscribe it, and I have already taken my first dose.  I am due back in one month to see if any results have been made.  so here goes::

August 30 2011
Weight: 201 lbs
height: 5'2"

I will post next months too.  the drug isn't covered by my insurance so I have to pay 23 dollars for it each time...small price to pay for my old jeans back (they cost way more than that!) 

the picture above was the day before my sons 2nd birthday..and I weigh just as much now as I did they day before he was born. and here are a few that i want to look like again :::

one day...