Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stop the assholes about we all stop being such assholes to one another?! When did it get this way? For example: you see someone you know at Walmart, they see you. You turn away and keep walking. Would it kill any of us to freaking smile and wave? Or at least smile!? I'm not excluding myself from this either. From this moment on I vow that if I see any of you and I recognize you I will smile at least! And if I know you see me and then you advert your eyes quickly be prepared for me to walk right up to you and force you to have a simple conversation with me. So you decide: get your head out of your ass and smile or be forced to talk to me. I dont care which one but this has gone on far to long.

I'm a nice person. I'm done. So take this as a warning. Wave or chat. And I promise to do the same. Take this challenge with me. Let's stop the assholes and most importantly let's not join them.

Monday, April 9, 2012

10 things.

One thing I have learned about myself over the years is...I really do know who I am. A lot of people walk around every day with no real sense of what or hi they are. I on the other hand, know myself. I know my fears, why motivates me, what I can handle, how I am going to react to a situation, what I want to do...I know me. So, being inspired from a YouTube vlog craze going on right now I have decide to blog 10 things you might not know about me. So here goes:

1. I can not whistle. I have never been able to. Many people have tried to tech me but I fail miserably. I can make all sorts of other noises but if my life came down to whistling...I'd die.
2. I hate Black Eyed Peas...the food AND the band. Both disgust me.
3. I am a very creative person. I can write a poem or a short story about anything. I can take a picture of anything beautiful and make it better. And I love to make things...whether or not those are good depends!
4. I do not know how to swim. Well not enough to save my life if needed. Never learned, I don't like my face under water and my feet to not touch.
5. I believe in Ghosts...and they scare the snot out of me. That's the reason I am scare of the dark. I still have to hurry in bed out of fear that my ankles will get grabbed.
6. I am flexible. I can't put my feet behind my head or anything but I can reach at least 6 inches past my feet while sitting down and my fingers can touch the back of my wrist...that looks really gross though.
7. My favorite color is green. It's the color of my eyes, money, avocados, an I just love it. Best color in the world.
8. I am a hopeless romantic. I am not the damsel in distress kind of girl but I do fancy the occasional romance. I am a sucker for romantic comedies and I do get a bit emotional while reading/watching them
9. I listen to every kind of music. If I can sing along to it, bob my head, make up my own words...I like it. Which makes me a real easy road trip buddy :)
10. I am a complete mess. My desk at work has to be cleaned every night before I leave or I have a panic attack lol but my car has papers all over from my sons school and my room has clothes everywhere. I constantly misplace my debit card, I forget to text back...I'm a mess, a very forgetful mess.

I hope you all learned a thing or two. I have many random facts about myself but those are the very first ten that popped into my mind. If you read this feel free to reply with ten random facts about you :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

He who strengthens me...

What would happen if I asked God to take over my life? What would happen? If I stopped and just listened to that voice in my mind telling me what to do, would life be easier? It seems to me that fighting g that voice has only created problems for me. Then again had I listened I wouldn't have my son, and he is the greatest gift of all.
I keep telling myself that I want to start going back to church and I want my son to grow up in a strong faith based home. Since I am his sole caregiver and his biological father has abandoned all hope of having a relationship with him, I have to be the leader of my household. I have I be strong and he will be strong. I wants son to avoid all the trials and tribulations that I have had to discover on my own without listening to God.
I am still on my cebatical of no men. I intend to keep that. I have made it this far I can make it the rest of the way. I need to strengthen my relationship with the LORD. Once I do that I truly believe that everything else will just fall into place. So I ask you all to pray for me, pray for my strength to step up and be a spiritual leader, my strength to fully confide in God. I need a lot of prayers to help get this right. I need to get my faith back, back and strong.

I know God has a plan and a reason for everything, and its not for me to understand. I just wish I had a little insight as to his plans for everything he has thrown at my son. To be so young and have a dad who has treated him the way he has...I just...I wish I knew why. I pray constantly that I will have the right words when my son asks me about why...please God give me the answer when the time comes...