Sunday, September 22, 2013

Into my advice pool we dive

Everyone has their own journey.  Whether it be infertility, weight loss, finding love, finding yourself...we are all dealing with something.  As human beings we are naturally wired with jealousy.  It's natural.  What you do to deal with that is entirely based upon your character as a human being.  You can choose to bury it, display it, or completely let it destroy you. 
My story is one of finding myself and finding love.  Everyday that I log on to Facebook I can either let my jealousy destroy me, I can show my ass, or I can hit the like button and let it die.   It seems like for the last few months straight, every time I log on someone is either newly engaged, planning their wedding, or their wedding pictures are being posted.  Now, I am truly happy for each and every person, but part of me wonders, "Why not me?".  That isn't their fault though, so instead of letting bitterness take over, I tap my finger on the thumbs up and send a congratulations...because I do like it and I do wish them the best.
What brings up todays blog is the many of you that let the hatred of others happiness build, those of you who only keep people around when they are down and when they get raised up you bail.  I cannot count how many of you flock to those when they struggle, only to abandon them when life is good.  I see you.  The person you flock to may not see your true intentions...but I do.  I.  See.  You.
If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all...that is a phrase that our parents and teachers have been instilling in our memories since we learned to write our own name. is the one we least follow.  I have learned that on the internet it is so much worse. People tend to think that if they are behind the safety of their computer screen they can let their inner demon out.  The person on the other end of that screen is still a person.  They have feelings.  Even if you've never met them before, they matter and they hurt with every vial word you say.
So when you see something and you have nothing nice to say about it...keep scrolling.  Don't make an ass out of yourself and try to ruin someone's happiness.  We need to lift others up, not fight tooth and nail to bring them down.  I challenge you all to be NICE this week. When you feel the need to voice a negative opinion on something that someone says...don't.  When you want to comment or send messages saying that they are undeserving...don't.  Maybe, now I am a huge believer in the Karma, Maybe by your bitterness your happiness is wavering.  By your rudeness to others, the cosmos are preventing you from feeling the happiness you are trying to destroy.  If you want good, you much do good. 
Remember that people aren't always as strong as they claim, even the most stable person can still let words cut through them.  The words "you never know who may be fighting a harder battle than you" are completely true; and just because you are struggling...don't be an asshole.

Famous words of wisdom from yours truly: Don't be an asshole.

Live them, learn them, love them. Life is to short.