Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Someday my prince will come

I am a hopeful romantic. I can't help it. I believe in fairy tales and the who happily ever after thing. I do know that I need a man who isn't afraid to love me. I mean really love me. I want to be treated like a queen. I want to feel beautiful, really beautiful. I don't just want to hear it, I want them to really make me believe I am the prettiest woman they have ever laid eyes on. Don't Misunderstand, I need more than just that. I have learned though, that feeling truly beautiful makes you more confidant in your relationship.

I don't want the guy who wants me to be a lesser version of myself for his sake. I've had that already. The man that is afraid for you to show your beauty inside and out due to his insecurities. In some way I want to be a prize, but also so much more than that.

I won't lie, my next wedding is pretty much planned. All I need is the groom and the wedding party. I have settled for less all my life, I won't do that any more.

I get lonely from time to time, even the strongest have moments of weakness. No matter what I may feel, I wouldn't go back in time for anything. I will say this, people will judge no matter what. People as a whole are the victim. Nothing you have been through can beat what they have been through.

Just imagine, how open people are now days due to things like Facebook an blogger, just imagine the things they dont tell you.

I have been through dangerous situations, but I chose to get out. And someday my prince will come, who knows maybe he is already here. I can guarantee this: I will find out.

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