Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why I refuse to be pinkwashed this year

Call me bitter if you will, and maybe I am. Do the math. Lets just say that to register for the race it will cost you 25 dollars. Multiply that by say...25,000 people that is over 600,000 dollars for just that. Not to mention all the fundraising those 25,000 people may do plus the merchandise on sale.  So from one race, just ONE race the Susan G komen foundation pulls in nearly 1 million dollars. Now multiply that by the number of races they have and I ask you...where is this money going? After all these years are they any closer to finding a cure?! 
Like I said, I'm bitter. What about all the other aggressive and deadly cancers?! Ovarian and colon to just name a few. Why do we not have bigger fundraisers for them? Instead of a breast cancer walk why do we not just have a cancer walk?! Furthermore...St.Jude. why do we not willingly shell out billions of dollars a year to them?! I donate regularly to the hospital, because they dont sugar coat where the money goes. You know that when you give money to St. Jude it is so that a parent at the worst time in their life doesn't have to worry about a single expense while their child is there. The money that goes for Susan G Komen won't be there for me if I ever get breast cancer.
Breast cancer awareness is very important. I agree. What I don't agree with is how they seem to have the monopoly over cancer research funds. Why can't we work together to obliterate cancers of all kinds? It took doctors less than a week to find the healing remedy for a fast acting bacterial menegitus and save a girl. Less than a week. So in all these years an entire team hasn't been able to figure out cancer?  I just dont buy it anymore. 
If you have had or currently have breast cancer I do feel for you, and I know that the support that is felt from races like this is very uplifting to someone who has been there. I get it. I just don't get why we haven't heard a breakthrough yet. Why people are still dying? Why awareness isnt being brought to more? Why mammograms are being pushed back to every few years and the same with paps? I just dont understand. And dont you dare blame It on obamacare bc that will only solidify the ignorance of the American people.
I do hope you all have a grand time, but be sure to ask yourself if you know where your money is really going.

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