Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stop the assholes about we all stop being such assholes to one another?! When did it get this way? For example: you see someone you know at Walmart, they see you. You turn away and keep walking. Would it kill any of us to freaking smile and wave? Or at least smile!? I'm not excluding myself from this either. From this moment on I vow that if I see any of you and I recognize you I will smile at least! And if I know you see me and then you advert your eyes quickly be prepared for me to walk right up to you and force you to have a simple conversation with me. So you decide: get your head out of your ass and smile or be forced to talk to me. I dont care which one but this has gone on far to long.

I'm a nice person. I'm done. So take this as a warning. Wave or chat. And I promise to do the same. Take this challenge with me. Let's stop the assholes and most importantly let's not join them.

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