Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time to change...

There has been quite an unnoticed absence on my part. There is no explanation...just slacking.

I have fallen off of the bandwagon do many times it's insane. This blog started off as a weight loss blog but I failed at that, slowly it turned into just a regular blog. All in all that is fine too. Weight loss is more than just counting calories, exercising, eating healthy, and measuring. In order to get maximum results you must be able to release your emotions so that you will not resort to food.

In August it will be a year since my weight loss journey started. I have not lost as much by now as I had hoped...and that is ok. I do have hope for my weight to be back down and my pre-pregnancy jeans to fit by November. Dieting isn't a temporary thing, it's a lifestyle change.

I started a support group on Facebook for weightloss and overall health. People can give tips, encouragement to others, and vent on their moments of weakness to get support from others. Although, most don't comment I know that it helps me to be able to throw it all out there and just be real with people. Accountability is what helps me.

I have also started to assemble my race for the cure team. I am so very excited about that! In preparation for this event my sister and I are going to start walking a few nights a week. I encourage you all to do something similar. Grab a few friends and just head out a few nights. Walking is the best exercise you can do.

My thoughts tend to be very scatterbrained. Onto the next one: I am considering having my own coat drive for the winter. I would probably hold it in mid October. Please let me know of you are interested in helping to organize it or if you would like to donate. It will be more so a winter clothing drive. I really feel as though volunteer work is something I want to get more involved it.

When people consider change in Their lifestyles, they mostly consider their physical appearance. Dieting, hair styles, tanning, and other superficial things. I am going to a full min and body make over. You cannot expect to change one without the other. please remember that. It is very important to give back, to do something more than merely walking along in life. You don't have to be incredible to do incredible things. Jut because you aren't the smallest, don't have the best legs, biggest breast, greatest job, it doesn't matter. The foot print you leave on the world can be bigger than you ever imagined. Just be sure to give back.

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