Saturday, June 23, 2012

Isn't it Ironic...don't ya think?

What started off as my "Pamper Mommy" day ended on a bit of a spur note. Let me start from the beginning.

Hayden woke me up at the usual time, between 4:30-5:00 am. We lounged for a minute then I threw my hair up, put on some yoga pants and a tshirt, and off to daycare we went. After dropping him off I stopped at a car wash to rinse off my black stallion. Those car washes never quite get everything but it at least got all the dirt and left over pollen off.

My first appointment was at the dentist where I had my teeth bleached. I never really understood this process but I can assure you I probably won't do it again. The lady put vasaline around my mouth to help it stay "limber" and then I had this contraption put in my mouth that reminded me of Patrick Starfish. An insane amount of gauze and cotton rolls were then placed into my mouth to protect all the tissue from getting burnt. A gel was applied to my gums to further protect them. Then the real fun began. The bleach was placed on my teeth and then I was moved to a sitting position of 15 so that the special light could work the bleach. This process was repeated 3 times after this. Dental chairs are not comfortable by any means. My head still hurts. After you get your teeth whitened the twinging pain you have in your teeth...almost as bad as child birth. Seriously.

Second stop was to lunch with some former coworkers. It was a pleasant experience. Some people will never change, that was proven. The things that I once did to people really do bother me now. It can be pretty hurtful to hear things. I put on a really great game face but I'll admit it here on my blog: I don't know whether to let my feelings get hurt or feel flattered that people remember Facebook posts I made months ago and still make fun of them. There is something you have to understand about my former coworkers, they love to laugh...sometimes at other peoples expense. I am aware that I still am part of the laughter...and like I said sometimes I don't know whether or not to be offended or flattered. I can tell you that I am glad that now they are just friends and not coworkers. That environment is something I am so glad I am not around all the time. A girl gets sensitive occasionally.

Next stop, hair! This was my favorite stop of the day. The lady that do my hair was amazing! If you need a hair cut, decent priced, great conversation, then go to Sam at Alter Image Salon in Cabot. She is remarkable! I showed her a picture and for the first time a hair stylist actually explain to me why my hair won't look this way or behave that way and how I can best fake it. I was floored by that! This was information I knew about my hair over the years but no stylist has ever said it! I loved her honesty and by her telling me and telling me what I can do to combat it has helped me with styling! I love it, I will be returning when it comes time for a trim.

Next, I went to Walmart...nothing to eventful there. Moving on: eye doctors. My vision has got suprise to me. Th eye doctor also was very helpful and I do like that office as well. 450 dollars later and I was on my way out (custom contact lenses and new lenses for my glasses) I went out to my car...put the key in the ignition...and...nothing. It wouldn't start! My brand new car I got on March! My 2012 Nissan wouldn't freaking start !oooooh I was angry! Long story short: I'm in a rental car (2012 Nissan Altima) until they can figure out what is wrong with my car. I am enjoying the fully loaded rental car though.

That was my yet upsetting. Something bad always has to happen when you get good.

I know this was long and not like my other posts but Oh we'll. And yes my disclaimer: I am not an English major, I do not write professionally, this blog contains grammatical errors as well as spelling errors...that's ok. I don't care much to make it perfect, you want perfect read a book.


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