Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 PT 1

I started off 2013 with such high ambition.  It was going to be MY year.  I was going to be an awesome mom, I was going to rock the corporate world, and I was going to make time for friends.  I brought in the New Year with friends and my son.  It was really fun.  For the first time in nearly 4 years I actually stayed up until midnight.  I normally just DVR the ball dropping and watch it the next day. Hey, I'm a mom it's allowed!  Later that month I went out to a club/Bar for the first time really, ever.  It was fun.  Drank too much, Danced too much, lost a few games of pool.  Woke up the next day feeling awful.  I have had less than 5 true hangovers in my life, that being one of them.  Overall it was a blast. 
That night I danced with a boy in my drunken stupor and even ended up kind of dating him for the first few months of the year.  It was a quick but fun little time of life.  It was more of a friendship than anything "romantic" which makes things easier to be happy about later on.  So to you, mystery guy, if you read my blog then thanks.  Even though I swore I hated you for a bit in actuality you were an asset to the year and I wish you the best. 
Moving forward.
My little mini monster got his first taste of organized sports this year as well.  If you don't have children then I assure you the cutest thing is seeing 5-8 children running around in a tiny uniform.  They don't keep score when you are that small, which is good because his team was terrible.  I am not sure soccer is our sport, but we will keep trying until we can find one that he likes.  If we don't...we will eventually find something!
As for a personal accomplishment of my own, this year I completed the Warrior Dash, my time would probably make some of you athletes cry...but I finished it.  It was one of the most difficult things I think I have ever done, but I did it.  I can't wait to do it again in 2014.  Here is a picture of Ashley and I after we finished the race.  You get a complimentary beer upon completion...even though it wasn't my choice brand, after that it tasted heavenly.
In June, Hayden and I went to Colorado with my parents.  It was my first real vacation since I was a teenager. It was a bit emotional for me because my grandparents were there too.  Which wasn't the sad part. Living so far away and being a single mom I am often limited on funds. When you get older you realize the people around you are getting older as well and you never know when you will see them next.  I hope I get more visits, but the God's honest truth is you never really know.
Above is Hayden and mom on the trolley, or as he kept calling it "Charlie".

I believe this is Hayden and I in Utah, but It may be New Mexico...Honestly it all looked the same in the Four corners...I kind of is supposed to.

The Condo we stayed in did not have a blow dryer...and I forgot to bring one. It was probably the best week of my hairs life.  Hayden and I went swimming and as you can see...Mommy burns!

The Panoramic view from in front of the Condo.  Colorado is beautiful guys, I highly Recommend everyone visiting.

Me and the parentals waiting on the Gun Show to start.  Not actual Cowboys and a Saloon
Overall, I do believe that Colorado is a place that Hayden and I will try to visit a few more times in our lifetimes.  My skin, my hair, my everything was so much better.  The air there was amazing. Even though it was summer, it felt heavenly.
June was a just a really fun month for me..also pretty sad.  But we will get around to that.  In June we also went to the circus!  It wasn't quite as fun as the circus' from my childhood...but I was glad that I was able to take my parents to their very first circus.  It is a memory I will remember forever. It helped that I got us some awesome seats too.  This was the same month that one of my very best friends moved about an hour away. was a bittersweet month indeed.

Another birthday came and went for my baby boy.  I can't believe that he has reached 4 so quickly. It seems like yesterday that he was a 6 lb baby who needed me to take care of his every need.  Now, he has found independence, which I know is a good thing.  Everyday my love for him grows so much more.  Everyday he teaches me something new about life.  He is my breath of fresh air. 

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