Sunday, March 2, 2014

I dreamed a dream...

Every single person alive has a dream.  Whether or not we achieve them is completely up to us. There is no dream to small or no dream too large, there are just dreams.  If we want them we must go after them.  Who is to say a dream is unachievable?  When we were younger we wanted to be things such as an Astronaut, a veterinarian, a Teacher, name it and someone out there wanted to be it when they grew up. Somewhere along the lines we all let that go.  Well not all but many of us.  I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, Veterinarian, Teacher, and Actress...all at the same time.

My dreams are HUGE, they are astronomical.  For one, I intend to lose at least 50 lbs.  I will achieve it through hard work and dedication.  I'm on my own timeline, no one Else's.  That's the thing about dreams, you have to work on them in your own time.  People from every direction are either going to encourage you are they are going to bring you down.  Very rarely will you ever meet a person who is indifferent towards your dreams.  Everyone has an opinion and they feel theirs is the most important one in the world.  It's not.  Yours is. 

As you all have learned either through your own experiences or someone elses, life tends to throw curve balls like they are going out of style.  I couldn't tell you how many of my plans have been detoured due to some unforeseen circumstance...notice I said detoured and not cancelled?  You can't let road blocks keep you from the end point. 
Roadblocks, detours, unplanned pregnancies, divorce, fired from your job...whatever you want to call these moments they are what you make them.  You can either let that moment define you or you can define the moment.  According to statistics I should be living on welfare and in complete poverty, although I am pretty broke I am doing well.  Being a single mother without a college degree should be a very scary situation. It was the one that they would try and scare us with in school. Obviously, for me, it became reality.  So my goals are this: I am going to go back to school. I will get my degree.  When I do, I am going to be even more spectacular than I am right now. 

One day I want to look back on this blog and see the things that I wanted to accomplish, I want to see what I planned for my life, I want to be reminded of my dreams.  I hope that at that point in time I will have achieved a few of them.  We all have circumstances that are less than ideal.  We need to use them in our favor.  I want a new opportunity.  I want to wake up someplace completely different and yet beautiful.  I tend to write my blog entries from my living room couch and occasionally gazing out the window.  Right now there is a glorious thunderstorm brewing in the background.  That kind of stuff gets my creative juices flowing.  One day I want to look out my window and instead of seeing trees and wooded areas I want to see the ocean.  I want to hear the waves pounding the shore.  I want to smell the salt floating in the air.  That is another dream. 

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