Monday, September 26, 2011

Count on Me

There is something truly amazing about friendship.  It seems I have the friends that even when I don't speak to them for two years, if I need them, they are there for me.  I hope I am a friend like that also. If I am not I hope I get that way really soon.  I miss having the "best friend" though. The one you can call every other night to chat, or at least every week to say "Hey, OMG you would NEVER believe what I went through this week!!"  I will say that I do have some of the most amazing people that I call friends.

I think with modern conveniences like facebook and twitter we lose sight of our friends for a bit.  We don't need to call as often b/c we can just look at their pages to see what they have been up to.  Everyone has a cell phone now, and no one likes to talk on it everyone prefers to text, so we lose out on that other human voice.  Sometimes when you are feeling lonely, you need to hear another voice.  Text messages can't convey emotion very well...I am a recovering text-a-holic. I will just throw that in there. With life moving at hyper speed now it's hard to take time out of busy schedules to meet with an old friend, we should make time though.  Although when you get older your friend separate into even more categories: Those with Children and married, those with children and single, those without children and married, those without children and single, those in relationships, etc.  So not everyone has the same interests anymore. Remember what made you friends to begin with, life is only more lonely when you don't have them.

So this is for all my friends::: I love you guys!
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With that being shared, I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday, it's a brand new week so make the best of it.  Make a new friend this week.  Smile at a few more people.  Most importantly pay attention to others and be a caring pair of ears if they need them. You would be surprised at how far a smile and just listening will go.

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