Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Art

Memories:  It's amazing how the mind holds on to certain ones.  I don't remember losing my first tooth, I don't remember my first funeral, but I can remember that my uncle art was the greatest at shooting a gun.  He was better than anyone I had seen.  He could be completely intoxicated (which at a certain point of his life was everyday) and hit the target every single time.  I also remember this little jewelry box he gave to me when I was a child, it was pink and had Tweety Bird on it (my favorite character at the time). I still have it. 

I also remember the day he died.  My mom does this awful thing when people die where she can't pull herself together enough to tell you so you have to through a list of family members before you find out which of your loved ones is gone.  It was the first death I understood and it's still the one that hits me the hardest.  I miss him everyday.  I miss the talks we used to have, the stories he would tell, and all the neat things he knew how to do. 

This  year I have really slacked on going to visit him like I used to.  Once I learned to drive I would visit him frequently.  Most the time I would just go by myself, not tell anyone, just go and talk to him.  I would always tell him about my day, hey why change tradition?  Since Hayden has been here it's been more difficult to pack up the car and head up there.  I need to though, and I will...soon.

Today marks his 53rd birthday, and it is a beautiful day.  This is a song that was played at his funeral. I still can not listen to it without thinking of him and getting all weepy.  In a good way though. I miss him so much but his memory lives on.  I am so happy that he no longer has to fight his demons and he is free from them all.  He can relax and be free. 

I miss you so much Uncle Art, I miss our talks, I miss family get togethers,  and I miss our fishing trips.  I know you are up there, looking down at us all and having a huge celebration up in Heaven with your Dad, Your Grandpa, Little John, and various other family members that have left us down here.  I love you!  And one day I'll be able to celebrate with you again.

***The picture up top is courtesy of my cousin Amber, Art's daughter, so thank you! ***

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