Monday, November 21, 2011

If you aren't the type to slow dance in the living room...then you aren't my type

When I was around 7 I started making a list of things I wanted in a husband.  One thing that topped that list was slow dancing to something like an old George Strait song while he sings the lyrics softly in my ear.  To me, that just seems like the most sweet moment. 

The thing I have learned about myself over the years is, I like southern boys.  More than like I looooove southern boys.  I love the values they have, the hunting, fishing, loving their mama's. Aren't afraid of getting dirty.  Working on things with their bare hands. Flannel...the whole nine yards.  It is just irresistible to me.  There is something about a southern boy.  They don't care what people think, they are crazy, fun, and they know how to have a good time. I'm getting all oozy just thinking about it.  Surprisingly I've never really dated one. 

You know how raps songs say things about wanting a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed?  My fascination with men is pretty similar...except a little opposite.  I want the tough guy in public, the one that no body messes with. The one that takes no crap off of anyone.  But at home I want the man that will come up behind me in the kitchen, grab me and start dancing with me, even if there is no music playing. He will sing in my ear the lyrics.  He will look at me like I am the only woman alive at that moment.  I would never have to worry about any woman stealing him b/c he is all about me.  He knows he couldn't do any better and he doesn't want to.  When I get mad he doesn't fight back.  He just smiles and thinks to himself that I am so cute when I get angry.  Like the Eli Young band song, Crazy Girl.  The thought of leaving me never crosses his mind.  He never tries to make me angry, he thinks I am funny. Not the kind of funny where it makes me even more mad but the funny where he loves my little quirks.  Where he knows I can be a little fireball and he loves it.  He never gets angry with me for long.  When he is angry he doesn't yell.  He never calls me names, he never says anything mean to me.  He encourages me to go out with my girlfriends and volunteers to watch the kids.  He loves to spend time with them.  He acts as though Hayden is completely his.   He calls him buddy, he never yells at him, he encourages him to try new things, to not be scared of failing.  He teaches him how to ride a bike, and when you fall to get back up and shake it off and just keep rolling.  He makes sure Hayden knows that even though is dad is absent someone cares for him just as though he was his dad.  He surprises me at work with a vase of Calalillies.  He tells me to get dressed up fancy and takes me out for dinner..  He calls up my parents to chat, he goes fishing with my dad helps my mom with the dishes on family nights.   I never want to feel as though I have to do something for him, I want to, want to do things for him.  I want a man who will hold me during sad movies as he tries to cover up laughing at me for crying.  Is that to much to ask?

I can afford to be picky.  Once you have dealt with the crap I have then you realize, if you can't have the things you want in a companion...then it's OK to just be alone.  I am not going to cave.  I want my southern man.  One day I will get him, and if I don't...that's OK too.  B/c at least I will have my self respect, integrity, and my awesome friends to get me through.


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