Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tis the season


There is something magical about the holidays.  All the way from the pretty lights, snow lined buildings, shiny ornaments hanging on the tree, to the bell ringing salvation army folks outside every store from here to where ever.  Christmas is a wonderful time of year.  I can't help but to smile at a few more strangers, be a little more kind, and just be overall more happy. 

I hate to be one of those dreaded people who get over excited about Christmas far to soon...but I am.  Guilty.  I love it. I am a person who celebrates Christmas in July, I listen to Christmas music in May, October, or whenever I need a little cheer.  I enjoy Christmas Movies all through out the year.  I have yet to ever visit a Church on this day that is my goal for this year.  Hayden will get my love of Christmas but he will also learn the true meaning of Christmas and the CHRIST in Christmas. 

So as we all brace for the holidays lets not forget what it's all about.  Christmas is the season for unconditional love.  The love our Father had for us.  To give us his child, to let his child live amongst us knowing how he would be treated, sacrificing his son, for us, for we are the future.  Before you get all scrooge-like and scream Bah-Humbug at me for getting excited at the beginning of November I ask you, how many of us know someone who has been pregnant and for months has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of their bundle of joy?  We all know at least 5 people right off hand.  The anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ is approaching and I am excited. 

It is true, when you are younger Christmas is nothing more than a vacation from school and a holiday where you get to open a lot of cool presents.  Or at least for me it was.  I never understood the religious sentiment behind the holiday, I am going to make sure that Hayden does.  It's OK for him to believe in Santa Claus and have some fun with the holiday, I am a parent and I do love Christmas. But he will know that it's more than just a fat man in a red suit hopping down chimneys. 

See that ^ Now is the time of year many of you are purchasing new winter coats for everyone in your family.  Instead of letting your closet look like this, donate them.  There are to many people out there who need things.  So instead of letting your old winter clothes pile up in your closet, or packing them away knowing that you will probably not wear them next winter either...donate them.  To many children and adults go without for us to hold on to things we know we won't use.  You can donate them to your local Salvation Army, if you don't know where to find one (knowing that it's Christmas time and they are everywhere) get in touch with me, I will meet you some where and I will deliver your coat for you. 

Both of these places are great for donations.  And you can always claim the tax write off.

So this year please don't fear the red buckets, don't walk in the other door trying to avoid them.  Dig in the bottom of your purse, your pockets, in your coat and give a few cents or dollars to a worthy cause.  You know they are going to be there, it's no surprise so keep spare change on you.  People will follow your lead and in turn they will donate too and maybe this year people everywhere will have a better winter.

************The Container Store in LR off of University is having a Coat Drive now thru December 31st.  You can drop any old coats off there, if you don't want to drive that far, call me************

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