Wednesday, August 1, 2012

90 Day Challenge

The first day of the month is always a good and easy starting point for a challenge. My challenge for myself is to do my P90X. I have had it for months now and have still yet to fully commit to it. As I sit here I can feel my thighs expanding, my belly growing, another chin forming.

My routine was shattered after my accident. I was doing so good, then I just stopped. Some out of pain but mostly out of laziness. I'm hoping pain will subside if I shrink a little and build up muscle that will better hold me together. My diet isn't all the great at the moment. Tomorrow is thirsty Thursday and I fully intend to share my water intake and make sure I drink enough.

Once I complete this blog I am going to pop in core synergistics, without the resistance bands. They are in my room somewhere and I don't feel like rummaging to find them. Thats ok. Try and remember when it comes to dieting that it doesn't matter how many times you fall off the wagon or have to start over, keep moving forward.

There is a phenomenal site out there that I have been stalking, it's and it has so many different recipes for naturally flavored water and the health benefits. Check it out when you have some time!

I ordered a laptop for school yesterday and it will be at my house tomorrow!/9 my blogging will step up a bit. It's rather difficult to post from your phone. I have decided to return to my studies in January and pursue a degree in sociology. You must have goals, without them life gets boring.

As far as the dating scene...we shall see how it goes. With out giving away to much information I am rather intrigued at the moment. You all know me, not settling for anything less than anything. So far so good :)

Off to sweat my ass off...and I'm not excited at all.

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