Thursday, August 9, 2012

When a man loves a woman

This song stirs up all sorts of emotions in me. THIS is what it's supposed to be like. Where are those men at? It's all about unconditional love, once you find are complete.

The inner romantic in all of you will hopefully come out with this song.  How can it not?  What woman doens't want a man that would do anything for her, put up with all her crazy, and just support her when she needs it?  Every woman wants that, every woman wants the man that can protect you from harm, put you first, and make you feel like no matter what you do he will always think of you as a beautiful, smart, amazing woman. 

There are so many things I want in a man...I think if you understand this song, you know exactly what I am looking for.

Enjoy, if you have a spouse get up and dance.  Enjoy eachother.


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