Saturday, July 7, 2012

A friendship that will never end...

If you've ever watched Boy Meets World you will understand my mush gush that will be on this entry.

Although our roles aren't the same as Cory and Shawn's, but our friendship is the same. I'm all teary eyed and emotional so bear with me. I met my best friend at nine years old. She was this little, blonde haired, blue eyed, shy kid who didn't speak unless spoken to. I remember sitting next to her and the look on her face when I just started rambling...there was no turning back. From that moment on we were inseparable.

I basically lived at her house for the next 6 or 7 years. Her family became my family. I like to think I became that child they loved like their own but they were so glad they weren't the ones who were responsible for me. Although I have no doubt if needed they would have been. It's so unbelievably rare to have a friend whose family becomes your own. Unfortunate for her, my family doesn't live around here so she didn't get the same experience.

Let me clarify what best friend means to me. It doesn't mean that you always like that person, because you won't. It doesn't mean that you will be friends all the time, because you won't. It does mean that you share the same unconditional love that you have for your family. That matter what dumb fight you will have, and you will have plenty, when their name pops up on the caller ID and you get that feeling in your tummy, you'll answer. They may have to leave a voicemail but you will check it and call immediately. When you need them they are there and vice versa.

I suppose I am the Shawn of this story. My family, be it dysfunctional, is no where near Shawn's...but I am the troubled friend and Haley has always had it figured out. She met Corey (pun. Not intended that's his real name) when she was in high school I think but the relationship didn't start until college, so not the same as Cory and Topanga but close enough. Just like Shawn and Topanga, Haley's husband has become my family too.

In adult hood our friendship has clearly evolved. It's a different friendship and it always will be. I love her with all my heart though. The bond we have is like we are family. When we were younger we used to play with these huge Winnie the pooh and toffee stuffed animals and pretend they were real people and they were our boyfriends...we were som crazy kids.

I chose her and Cory to be Hayden's God parents. I truly believe if anything ever happened to me, they would be the best fit. Who better than someone who knows me so completely? Even of nothing does happen to me (hopefully nothing does) they will be the people he can call when he does something stupid and doesn't want to call his mom and let her know. The ones who will go to plays, games, shows, an any other activity. My family isn't
that large. It gained two extra members over the course of nearly two decades.

They say you pick your friends, this is true. Sometimes friendships just happen, sometimes they truly can't be explained. It is true when people at if you can count your true friends on one hand you are doing good...but the truth is...if I can just name one person who you know will always be there for you, you are lucky.

I am very lucky. Now if I could only find the Cory and Topanga kind of love...


  1. Awe that was the sweetest thing Ive ever read and LOVE the BMW and Haley are sickening cute and I'm glad you two have amazing best buds :)

  2. Again totally missed this comment! lol I fail at blogging! We have been through a lot and there have been many occassions that both of us have failed to be anything but amazing to one another, but I am very happy to have her around. She's my person :)